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Nathalie Leborgne

Costume designer, stylist Cinema

59 years old
Driving License
Brussels (1190) Belgium
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
Costume designer
Key costumer


Nathalie Leborgne began his artistic education in 1981 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels in secondary school where she's studied artistic drawing and history of art.

For 2 years she's trained in jewelry in "Les Ateliers Lothaires" and evening classes at the Institute of Arts and Crafts in Brussels to work precious metals.

She began sketching fashion for 1 year at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp fashion design department under the direction of Walter van Beirendonck.

She finished a Bachelor of Art and a Master in fine Arts after 5 years studies in the fashion studio at the National Higher institution of Visual Arts of La Cambre (ENSAV-one of Belgium’s leading schools of art and design) in Brussels, Fashion Design under the direction of Franc'Pairon with whom she will participate the creation of Audio-visual trends for textiles forum; "Decosit" and "Textirama".

In late 1992, she moved to Paris and did a 3-month internship at "Nelly Rodi" and work for 7 years for "Peclers Paris"; offices of styles and textiles trends like a trends' forecaster.

From 1999, she's also freelance textiles designer for "Premiere Vision", the world's leading trade fair for fabrics and fashion.
Her work in these offices trends is to research and development trends in colors, materials and textiles researches through books trends; Textiles and audio-visual presentations and forums on textiles trade shows.

From 1995 to 2001, she participated in the development of scenography of several exhibitions in Paris, Chicago, and in Pregny's Rothschild's castle in Geneva for the "Les Grands Ateliers de France"; the association of the greatest artisans of France, with Jean-Pierre Ollier; textile designer for C. Lacroix, Dior, L. Vuitton and Givenchy …

Meanwhile, since 1996, she currently works as Creative Costumes designer and stylist for Feature Films, contemporary dramas for various film productions...

Worked With: Harvey Keitel, Djimon Hounsou, Gérard Depardieu, Rossy De Palma, Aaron Eckaert, Aja Naomi King, Barkhad Abdi, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Christopher Lambert, Moritz Bleibtreu, Audrey Tautou, Juliette Binoche, Mélanie Laurent, Bérénice Bejo, Jérémie Renier, José Garcia, Mark Ivanir, Thierry Lhermitte, Josiane Balasko, Jean Reno, Gérard Jugnot, Jacques Perrin, Micheline Presle et Michèle Morgan...

International's set's experience :
Central Europe: Germany, Croatia, Luxembourg
North Africa: Morocco
North America: Canada
East Africa: Rwanda
Southern Europe: Spain, Italy, Portugal
Southeast Europe: Bulgaria, Greece, Romania
West Africa: Ghana
Western Europe: Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom

1984 : "Le Jeune Créateur Belge de Mode de l'Année" - Femmes d'Aujourd'hui.
1990 : Fashion & Technology ( Creazione e tecnica del prodotto Moda- Firenze -Palazzo Vecchio)
1992 : Festival d'Hyères ( Salon européen des Jeunes stylistes à Hyères-France)
2012 : ENSORS for The Best Costume Designer - "THE INVADER".
2019 - MAGRITTE for The Best Costume Designer - "BYE BYE GERMANY"
2022 - Nominated Ensors for the Best Costume- "COOL ABDOUL"

Fashion design and Stylisme

Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts visuels de La Cambre (ENSAV)

September 1987 to June 1992
Artistic High school
Bachelor + Master 2 with honours degree (300 credits)
Details and Extracurriculars
  • Cut and seam
  • Fashion and textiles workshop with Franc' Pairon, Françoise Colpé, Annemie Verbeeck
  • A formation in 5 years,this department has two sides: stylisme, which concerns all strategic aspects of a label’s development: product, communication, distribution, research, and so on; and fashion design, which suggests something more personal and creative. Both disciplines highlight the human body via the use of volumes, images, colours and materials: they both explore all the facets of fashion as a contemporary form of expression.

    During the first cycle, in addition to studies common to all La Cambre’s students, the department’s art class teaches the basics of fashion. They learn the techniques of cutting, sewing, the manipulation and finishing of textiles, how to draw silhouettes, graphic design, etc, all the while developing a personal style. As well as gaining an understanding of collections, they go on two work placements, either in a fashion house or with a fashion designer.

    The second cycle combines creativity and technical skills. Students are helped to understand their creative choices, and now can defend them both in words and practice. They have to undertake two long-term work experiences abroad in a well-known couture house or with a fashion designer. Graduation is the culmination of at least five years professional experience and amounts to each student’s visiting card into the profession.
  • http://www.lacambre.be/dbfiles/mfile/5700/5761/Fashion_design_EN.pdf
  • http://www.lacambre.be/index.php?nodeid=250
  • http://www.lacambre.be/index.php?nodeid=251
  • Art history, Costume history, Photography history, Cinema history
  • Graphic design
  • Artistic drawing, fashion design

Fashion designer

The Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts

September 1986 to June 1987
Fashion design
Details and Extracurriculars

Artistic secondary school

Académie Royale des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles ( ARBA )

September 1981 to June 1984
Artistic drawing
Details and Extracurriculars
  • General school
  • History of Art
  • Artistic and technical drawings

Design jewelry

Institut des Arts et Métiers

September 1984 to June 1986
Evening cursus with W.Schuhmeier
Details and Extracurriculars
  • History of jewellery
  • Priceless metal work

Apprenticeship contract in Jewelry

Les Ateliers Lothaire

September 1984 to August 1986

Apprenticeship contract in Jewelry

Les Ateliers Lothaire

September 1984 to June 1986
Work of gold and silver
Details and Extracurriculars
  • Weld technique
  • Metal work