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Nathalie Leborgne

Costume designer, stylist Cinema

59 years old
Driving License
Brussels (1190) Belgium
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
Costume designer
Key costumer


Nathalie Leborgne began his artistic education in 1981 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels in secondary school where she's studied artistic drawing and history of art.

For 2 years she's trained in jewelry in "Les Ateliers Lothaires" and evening classes at the Institute of Arts and Crafts in Brussels to work precious metals.

She began sketching fashion for 1 year at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp fashion design department under the direction of Walter van Beirendonck.

She finished a Bachelor of Art and a Master in fine Arts after 5 years studies in the fashion studio at the National Higher institution of Visual Arts of La Cambre (ENSAV-one of Belgium’s leading schools of art and design) in Brussels, Fashion Design under the direction of Franc'Pairon with whom she will participate the creation of Audio-visual trends for textiles forum; "Decosit" and "Textirama".

In late 1992, she moved to Paris and did a 3-month internship at "Nelly Rodi" and work for 7 years for "Peclers Paris"; offices of styles and textiles trends like a trends' forecaster.

From 1999, she's also freelance textiles designer for "Premiere Vision", the world's leading trade fair for fabrics and fashion.
Her work in these offices trends is to research and development trends in colors, materials and textiles researches through books trends; Textiles and audio-visual presentations and forums on textiles trade shows.

From 1995 to 2001, she participated in the development of scenography of several exhibitions in Paris, Chicago, and in Pregny's Rothschild's castle in Geneva for the "Les Grands Ateliers de France"; the association of the greatest artisans of France, with Jean-Pierre Ollier; textile designer for C. Lacroix, Dior, L. Vuitton and Givenchy …

Meanwhile, since 1996, she currently works as Creative Costumes designer and stylist for Feature Films, contemporary dramas for various film productions...

Worked With: Harvey Keitel, Djimon Hounsou, Gérard Depardieu, Rossy De Palma, Aaron Eckaert, Aja Naomi King, Barkhad Abdi, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Christopher Lambert, Moritz Bleibtreu, Audrey Tautou, Juliette Binoche, Mélanie Laurent, Bérénice Bejo, Jérémie Renier, José Garcia, Mark Ivanir, Thierry Lhermitte, Josiane Balasko, Jean Reno, Gérard Jugnot, Jacques Perrin, Micheline Presle et Michèle Morgan...

International's set's experience :
Central Europe: Germany, Croatia, Luxembourg
North Africa: Morocco
North America: Canada
East Africa: Rwanda
Southern Europe: Spain, Italy, Portugal
Southeast Europe: Bulgaria, Greece, Romania
West Africa: Ghana
Western Europe: Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom

1984 : "Le Jeune Créateur Belge de Mode de l'Année" - Femmes d'Aujourd'hui.
1990 : Fashion & Technology ( Creazione e tecnica del prodotto Moda- Firenze -Palazzo Vecchio)
1992 : Festival d'Hyères ( Salon européen des Jeunes stylistes à Hyères-France)
2012 : ENSORS for The Best Costume Designer - "THE INVADER".
2019 - MAGRITTE for The Best Costume Designer - "BYE BYE GERMANY"
2022 - Nominated Ensors for the Best Costume- "COOL ABDOUL"

Fashion design and Stylisme

Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts visuels de La Cambre (ENSAV)

September 1987 to June 1992
Artistic High school
Bachelor + Master 2 with honours degree (300 credits)
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Fashion designer

The Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts

September 1986 to June 1987
Fashion design
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Artistic secondary school

Académie Royale des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles ( ARBA )

September 1981 to June 1984
Artistic drawing
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Design jewelry

Institut des Arts et Métiers

September 1984 to June 1986
Evening cursus with W.Schuhmeier
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Apprenticeship contract in Jewelry

Les Ateliers Lothaire

September 1984 to August 1986

Costume designer/Key costumer

Since June 1996
  • 2024 "LAST TANDEM IN PARIS" Ray Burdis with Valerie Kaprisky, Chloé Partridge, Will Young...EN-BE-FR
  • 2023 "BLOOD TRAIL-FLANDERS CRIME" Anna-Katharina Maier with Marie-Lou Sellem, (TV) BE-DE
  • 2023 "MILANO" Christina Vandekerckhove (FF)
    with Matteo Simoni, Jo Deseure - BE
  • 2022 "LES TROIS VENGEANCES DE MAÎTRE POUTIFARD" Pierre François Martin Laval with Christian Clavier, Isabelle Nanty (FF - COMEDY) FR-BE - Key Costumer
  • 2022 "THE POT AU FEU" Tran Anh Hung with Juliette Binoche, Benoit Magimel (FF-1885-1900) FR-BE - Key Costumer - OFFICIAL SELECTION CANNES 2023 - Price Best Director
  • 2021 "PANZI" Marie-Hélène Roux with Tim Roth, DJimon Hounsou (LM) FR-BE-USA-GHA (preparation because no shooting)
  • 2020 "INTO THE NIGHT" Season 2 - X 6 episodes from Jason George by Nabil Ben Yadir with Pauline Étienne, Laurent Capelutto (American science fiction serie) BE-USA-PO
  • 2020 "COOL ABDOUL" Jonas Baeckeland with Nabil Mallat, Anemone Valcke (FF - 1998-99) BE
  • 2019 "INTO THE NIGHT" Season 1- X 6 episodes from Jason George by Norman Bates with Pauline Etienne, Laurent Capelluto (American Science fiction serie) BE-BG-USA
  • 2019 "LA CROIX DES FIANCES " Stéphane Xhrouët (Short 1914-18) BE
  • 2018 "THE MAN WITHOUT GRAVITY" with Elio Germano (FF - 1990) BE-IT (Costume designer 1)
  • 2018 "NOTRE DAME DU NIL" Atik Rahimi (FF 1970) (Costume Supervisor - Rwanda)
  • 2017-2018 "A GIRL FROM MOGADISHU" Mary McGuckian with Aja Naomi King, Barkhad Abdi (FF-1999-2012) (FF) BE-IE-MA
  • 2017 "J'AI PERDU ALBERT" Didier Van Cauwelaert with J. Ferrier, Josiane Balasko, S.Plazza (FF) BE-FR
  • 2016 "JUST LIKE MY SON" - "SEMBRA MIO FIGLIO" Costanza Quatriglio with Basir Ahang, Tihana Lazovic (FF) BE-IT
  • 2016 "LA PROMESSE DE L'AUBE" D'Eric BARBIER with Charlotte Gainsbourg, Pierre Niney (Key costumer BE) (FF 1938-43) BE
  • 2015-2016 "AUF WIEDERSEHEN DEUTSCHLAND" Sam Garbarski with Moritz Bleibtreu, Antje Traue, Mark Ivanir (FF 1946 - 1956 ) BE-LUX-D
  • 2015 "ETERNITY" Tran Anh Hung with Audrey Tautou, Mélanie Laurent, Bérénice Béjot (Key costumer BE) (FF 1870- 2015) BE-FR
  • 2014 "AU COEUR DE LA BATAILLE" Gérard Corbiau (MUSEUM FILM 4D HD) BE
  • 2013 "BENOIT BRISEFER, LES TAXIS ROUGES" Manuel Pradal with Jean Reno, Gérard Jugnot (FF 1962) BE-FR
  • 2013 "THE TREATMENT" Hans Herbots with Geert van Rampelberg, Ina Geerts (FF) BE
  • 2012 " LA CONFRERIE DES LARMES" Jean-Baptiste Andrea with Jérémie Renier, Bouli Lanners (FF) BE-FR
  • 2012 "ROSA, EMMA, MARGUERITE" Eric Godon with Lygie Duvivier, Patrick Descamps, Susy Falk (Trilogy) BE
  • 2012 "YAMDAM' Vivian Goffette with Fabio Zenoni (FF) BE
  • 2012 "&ME" Norbert ter Hall with Rossy de Palma, Veronica Echegui (FF) BE-ND-SP-D
  • 2011 "A FAREWELL TO FOOLS" Bogdan Dreyer with Harvey Keitel and G.Depardieu (FF 1940-45)
  • 2011 "THE EXPATRIATE" Phillip Stölz with Aaron Eeckhart ( Key Costumer and costume Supervisor in Belgium) (FF)
  • 2010 "A TORT OU A RAISON" Alain Brunard with Marianne Basler, Alexandra Vandernoot, Olivier Minne (TV series X 6 )
  • 2010 "THE INVADER" Nicolas Provost with Issaka Sawadogo, Stéfania Rocca (FF)
  • 2009 "WELCOME HOME" Tom Heene with Manah Depauw (costume consultant) (Trilogy)
  • 2009 "RONDO" Olivier van Malderghem with Jean-Pierre Marielle, Aurore Clément (FF 1940-45)
  • 2008 " LES HOMMES D'ARGILE" - "LES LARMES D'ARGENT" Mourad Boucif (FF 1940)
  • 2008 "DIAMANT 13" Gilles Béat with Gérard Depardieu, Olivier Marchal (FF)
  • 2008 "MR NOBODY" Jaco van dormael with Jared Leto (consultante costumes) (FF 1970- Futur)
  • 2007 "CINEMAN" Yann Moix with Franck Dubosc (Key Costumer) (FF)
  • 2007 "C'EST PLUS BEAU LA VIE QUAND ON EST GRAND" Luc Béraud with Daniel Russo (TV)
  • 2006 "BIG CITY" Djamel Bensalah with Eddy Mitchell (FF 1880)
  • 2006 "LE LIEVRE DE VATANEN" Marc Rivière with Christophe Lambert, Julie Gayet (FF - Fairytales)
  • 2006 "LE POULAIN" Olivier Ringer with Richard Bohringer (FF)
  • 2006 "MOI BELGIQUE:"LA DEMOCRATIE EN MARCHE" de Hugues Lanneau - Documentary in Costumes (1848-1894) BE
  • 2005 "TROIS PERES A LA MAISON" Stéphane Kappes with Daniel Russo (TV)
  • 2005 "LE PIEGE DU PERE NOEL" Christian Faure with Yvon Back (TV)
  • 2005 "FISHBOY" Laurent Michelet (Short- Futur)
  • 2004 "IMMINENT ATTACK:CODE NAME DP" Patrick Dewolf with Anne Brochet (TV)
  • 2004 "SI J'ETAIS ELLE" Stéphane Clavier with Thierry Lhermitte (TV)
  • 2003 "3 GARCONS, 1 FILLE, 2 MARIAGES" Stéphane Clavier with Julie Gayet (TV)
  • 2003 "L'ADORABLE FEMME DES NEIGES" Jean-Marc Vervoort with Florence Pernel, Tsilla Chelton (TV)
  • 2002 "ZOOM N°1 et N°2" Paolo Barzman with Gregory Fitoussi (TV)
  • 2002 "T'AS VOULU VOIR LA MER..." Christian Faure with Madame Patachou (TV)
  • 2001 "QUAI N°1: VOITURE 13 " Patrick Jamain with Astrid Veillon (TV)
  • 2001 "L'ETRANGE MONSIEUR JOSEPH" Josée Dayan with Roger Hanin, Nicole Calfan (TV- 1940-45)
  • 2001 "MAUVAIS GENRES" Françis Girod with Richard Bohringer, Robinson Stévenin (FF)
  • 2000 "L'ARBRE AU CHIEN PENDU" Olivier Van Malderghem with Sandrine Blancke (CM 1940-45)
  • 2000 "LES VISIONS DE JULIA" Alain Roback (TV)
  • 2000 "LE VIOLON BRISE" Alain Schwarzstein with Anthony Delon (TV)
  • 2000 "UN ENFANT, UN SECRET" Paolo Barzman with Jacques Perrin, Micheline Presle (TV)
  • 1999 "ECHO" Fredéric Roullier-Gall (Short)
  • 1998 "AVANT LA NUIT" Manno Lanssens (Short)
  • 1998 "PARABELLUM" Olivier van Hoofstadt with José Garcia, Gilbert Melki (Short)
  • 1997 "LA CARTE POSTALE" Vivian Goffette (Short)
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Costume assistant / Costume and Wardrobe Supervisor

Since June 1998
  • 2018 "NOTRE DAME DU NIL" Atik Rahimi (FF 1970) / Costume Supervisor - Rwanda
  • 2010 "RIEN A DECLARER" Dany Boon with Dany Boon, Benoit Poelvoorde (FF) Crowd Supervisor
  • 2009 "LIBRE ECHANGE" Serge Gisquière with Carole Bouquet, Julie Depardieu (FF)
  • 2009 "OUTSIDE THE LOW" Rachid Bouchareb with Jamel Debbouze, Sami Bouajila (FF)
  • 2003 "PEOPLE JET SET 2" Fabien Onteniente with Ruppert Everett (FF)
  • 2002 "L'AMANT DE MES REVES" Christian François (TV)
  • 2002 "DES PLUMES DANS LA TETE" Thomas de Thier with Bouli Lanners (FF)
  • 2000 "LA VERITE SI JE MENTS 2" Thomas Gilou with Richard Anconina, José Garcia (FF)
  • 2000 "REGARDES MOI" Fréderick Sojcher with Carmen Chaplin (FF) Greece
  • 1999 "LUMUMBA" Raoul Peck with Eriq Ebouaney (FF)
  • 1999 "JOSEPHINE ANGE GARDIEN" Pierre Joassin with Mimi Matti (TV)
  • 1999 "TOMBE DU NID" Edouard Molinaro with Bruno Solo (TV)
  • 1999 "LA PETITE ABSENTE" José Pinheiro with Olivier Marchal (TV)
  • 1999 "MISSION PROTECTION RAPPROCHEE" / Gardiennes d'ange Gilles Béhat with Natacha Amal (TV)
  • 1998 "LES MONOS: La Meute" Didier Grousset with Eva Darlan (TV)
  • 1998 "LA RIVALE" Alain Nahum with Michèle Morgan (TV)
  • 1998 "LE VEILLEUR" Fred Brival with Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Clément Sibony (Short)
  • 1998 "LA FETE DU PRINTEMPS" Coralie Pastor (Short)


May 1992 to September 2012
  • 2022 - Nomination - ENSORS - FFO - Best Costume designer - COOL ABDOUL
  • 2019 - MAGRITTE Awarded for The Best Costume Designer - Bye Bye Germany
  • 2019 - Nomination - Magritte du Cinéma belge - Best Costume Designer
  • 2012 - ENSORS Awarded FFO - Best Costume designer - THE INVADER
  • 2012 - Nomination - ENSORS - FFO - Ostende Film festival - Best Costume designer
  • 1992 - Nomination - 7th Salon Européen des Jeunes Stylistes à Hyères
  • 1990 - Fashion & Technology (Creazione e tecnica del prodotto Moda- Firenze -Palazzo Vecchio)
  • 1984 - AWARDED "Le Jeune Créateur Belge de Mode de l'Année" - Femmes d'Aujourd'hui.
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stylist television

September 1999 to June 2005
  • 2005 RTBF / History documentary " MOI BELGIQUE " 1848 to 1894 de Hugues Lanneau
  • 1999 RTL / " Emission Perso" relooking / Les Grandes Productions
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Stylist advertizing

advertizing production
January 1999 to December 2005
  • 2005 Senseo/ Moodboard - Millyfilms
  • 2005 Ricard/ Moodboard - Millyfilms
  • 2003 Région Wallone - Thierry Dory Latchodrom film
  • 2003 Aquarius/ Moodboard - Millyfilms
  • 2003 Yoplait - Kostas Maroudis Latchodrom film
  • 2003 Versatel - Gérome Rivière Latchodrom film
  • 2002 La Poste - Roenberg MDW Productions
  • 2001 Fortis Banque - Coralie Pastor Del Diffusion
  • 1999 Sectes nuisibles- Olivier van Hoofstadt Banana films
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  • Styling of exhibition with Jean-Pierre Ollier (textiles designer)
  • 2001 "Objets précieux, objets curieux" Château des Rothschild - Genève
  • 1999 "Carrousel du Louvre" - Paris
  • 1998 "Fête de France" Marchandise Mart - Chicago
  • 1996 "Mains et Merveilles" Couvent des Cordeliers- Paris
  • 1995 "Les Ors du temps" Place des Vosges - Paris
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  • Textiles Styling of the various forums trends
    • Espace Actualisation Eté 2001
    • Espace Actualisation Automne-Hiver 2001/2002
    • Espace découverte Automne -Hiver 2002/2003
    • Espace Forum Général Eté 2003
    • Espace Denim Sportswear Automne-Hiver 2003/2004
    • Espace Spéciale dernière Eté 2004
    • Espace Laine/Coton/Lin Eté 2004
    • Espace Actualisation Automne-Hiver 2004/2005
    • Espace Spéciale dernière été 2005
    • Espace Actualisation Eté 2005
    • Espace Soieries Eté 2006
    • Espace Spéciale dernière Eté 2006
    • Espace Laine et tissé teint Eté 2007
    • Espace Soieries Hiver 2010/2011
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  • Boards Trends
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  • Trends books , textiles, Prints, flash fashion, Children, Home
  • Audio pictures trends for textiles and colour
  • Personal customer file
  • Design textiles
  • Materials research
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  • Textiles design for Trends Prints books
  • Books of trends
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Stylist forecaster

Franc' Pairon
August 1988 to September 1992
  • Audio pictures trends for Trade Show Decosit
  • Audio pictures trends for Trade ShowTextirama
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  • Création des chapeaux collection 88/89
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  • Costume designer
  • History research
  • Drawing character
  • Textiles and colors knowledge
  • Management of workshop/cut and seam
  • Key crew
  • Styling
  • Direction of the organization
  • Management
  • Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox
  • Suite Office 2007
  • French: native
  • English: notion
  • Fleming: school