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Nathalie Leborgne

Créatrice de Costumes, Chef Costumière , Styliste Cinéma

Nathalie Leborgne
59 ans
Permis de conduire
Bruxelles (1190) Belgique
Situation professionnelle
Ouverte aux opportunités
Création de costumes
Chef costumière
Milano is about a 12-year-old boy who doesn't talk, but expresses himself through sign language. He is raised by his father, who himself grew up in an institution and does not really know how to raise a young child. They live on a social housing estate and try to make the best of it. When Alain is away, Milano stays with Renée, a woman from the neighbouring villa district who seemingly has everything going for her. Then Milano’s mother suddenly re-enters their lives, and nothing is the same anymore.
Date de création
03 juil. 2023